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How to make prospective tenants say WOW thanks to virtual staging

How to make prospective tenants say WOW thanks to virtual staging

3 virtual staging solutions

The number of homes offered for rent or leasing is constantly growing and prospective tenants become more demanding when it comes to the choice of the future dwelling. They are not ready to pay an average rental price if a home or flat does not look appealing to them. Sometimes, they even ignore listings that offer vacant property. Like people who want to buy a home but can’t visualize how it will look when staged, tenants would rather continue the search and avoid empty apartments.


However, there is a new trend in a rental property which has already long been used in vacant homes for sale. Property managers decided to take advantage of the virtual staging technique and apply it to a vacant rental property to help prospective tenants see how it will look like with a minimum of effort put to staging. In fact, only 10% of people can visualize space, while the rest 90% can be attracted by an appealing picture of rental property. It is enough to make several quality photos of an empty home and send them to a professional virtual staging company to receive appealing and realistic images to add to the listings.

virtual staging room

The main benefit of virtual staging is the possibility to complete a makeover earlier than it will be fulfilled in reality. Moreover, even if your home is currently occupied by tenants with their own furnishing but they plan to move out, virtual staging can help to remove the existing outdated furniture and apply new modern pieces and decor to make it twice more adorable.

Digital staging is a powerful and cost-effective solution that can enhance the existing property and help prospects to envision space better. Therefore, it is important to remember how this solution can impress your prospective tenants.

Space looks more inviting

Empty rooms lack mood, atmosphere, functionality, especially if it is commercial property. Usually, tenants doubt whether property meant for business is worth the money asked. However, it is very easy to convince them using virtual staging solutions. It is possible to develop several styles and designs of the same property to make it appealing to different tastes.

Many tenants even have their office or restaurant furniture and you should show how well it or similar to it examples may look in this property. It is also a great solution for homes that are being constructed at the moment or are in the process of renovation. If you have exact time frames, you may prepare images in advance and not miss any time when everything is completed. One more great solution is to print out several digitally staged photos and show them prospective tenants on site for them to collect ideas and apply them to their own case. 

It allows decluttering space

virtual staging

When landlords are warned about moving out tenants, they should already look for new ones. But how can they do that with a lot of clutter and tenants’ things around? Naturally, people living in this space may lack interior decorating taste and your photos will look poor. However, virtual staging allows removing unnecessary things from the room and even depersonalize it.

There are landlords that plan to paint walls or declutter space after move out but with these solutions, it is possible to make space more appealing before it happens.

Better online experience

virtual staging spotless

It has been proven that digitally staged homes are sold 42% faster than empty homes. The main reason for that is an increased number of views and calls from prospective buyers. The same happens with rented property. It is viewed more often than listings with photos of vacant homes. Naturally, it is important to indicate that there are staged photos in the listing, but it does not stop prospective tenants and they do call property managers being interested in this rental estate. 


Now it is clear that not only homes for sale but also rental property, especially commercial one, can benefit from virtual staging solutions. It is very popular with homes that have scheduled moves out and the percentage of interested tenants grows significantly thanks to that.






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