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7 Clients You Should Turn Down

Real Estate business has many underwater stones. Though it may seem that there can’t be anything dangerous in selling a property, there are life situations when even sellers turn out to be cheated. To avoid such cases you should look at your potential buyer closer. Some clients have a variety of other goals except for paying money for the home, so it is important to recognize that from the very beginning and refuse him. How can you do that? Look through 7 characteristics of the clients that do not deserve your attention and time.

1. Never come to the appointment
Time is money and there is no sense in devoting more time to those who have once set an appointment date and time and never come. It means that the client’s intentions to buy property not serious and do not exist at all. Of course, there are life situations that may prevent you from coming, but in this case, at least a call of excuse is a necessity.

2. Rude and offensive
No matter how patient and strong your personality is, it should not stand out abuse in any case. If you realize that your behavior and words could not lead to such loathsome actions, it means that there is hardly anything good to wait from this person. You can also ask a better treatment, of course, but even if these requests are also ignored, it is time to turn down.

3. Caught Lying
Dishonesty is a negative trait not only for a client. It is better not to have business with people who you can’t trust at all. Dealing with them may bring about many unexpected troubles. For not being accused of any illegal actions it is always better to get an assistance of a professional lawyer or find another client.

4. Impossible to understand
It goes without saying that a foreign language can become a barrier to understand the wishes and questions of the client. Of course, in this case, a realtor should at least hire a translator or offer another real estate agent knowledgeable in this language. But sometimes people may speak the same language and still not understand each other. They seem to come from another planet and everything they say sounds alien. In this case, you may offer such people to find another agent who might understand their preferences better and offer examples.

5. Falling out of your niche
Every agent majors at selling a different property. Some realtors deal with homes, the others – with apartments and flats, while the third group offers offices and business accommodation. If your client asks you to find a building for a shop and you center on selling villas and cottages, it is advisable to recommend him or her another professional.

6. Strange and unrealistic
A job of the realtor involves communication with many people. You can meet a variety of individualities and it is important to find the approach to everyone. But you are also not insured from people, whose vision of the world seems unrealistic. It might be a seller who believes that his hut is worth one million dollars or a buyer who desires to buy a mansion for a couple of thousand dollars. Of course, your task is to try to explain to such people that their wishes are impossible to fulfill. However, if that does not work, it is always better to refuse rather than suffer from their intrusions.

7. Always finding excuses
It happens that some clients can’t or do not wish to make a final decision about buying property and waste your time with an abundance of excuses. A hint of hesitation of such personalities may transform into the fear of making a deal and they may play on your nerves for months. That is why when you get 2-3 strange excuses from your clients, it is better to stop reminding of yourself as there is hardly any sense in that.

People who sell anything are always happy to have clients. At the same time, not all the clients that appear in front of you will make up a deal. Some of them can only waste your time and spoil your mood. That is why you should learn how to differentiate real and fake clients and be ready to refuse some of them. That will help you to sell more property within a shorter period of time.

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