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How To Save Money With Virtual Staging?

The greatest drawback of staging type is huge sums of money spent both on designer services and furnishing. The second way to improve your listings by staging is the virtual one. Its main benefits are showing the potential of the empty property, the attraction of more viewers, and as a result, faster sale of this property. However, virtual staging has another huge advantage for both property owners and realtors: it saves money. How can it happen? There are several ways to get all the benefits provided by virtual staging and spent a little.

The possibilities of virtual staging are endless. You may either add a couple of items or declutter and redecorate the whole room. All this is available for comparably little money.

Increase in selling price

The first way to save on virtual staging has been offered by According to the website, it can increase the selling price up to 20%. Think only how much you can earn if you order professional virtual staging services for several hundred dollars for the whole home and get up to 20% over the property price thanks to that. It is a way not only to save but even earn more.


The second example of saving money with virtual staging is based on the cost of the services. In comparison with traditional staging, there is no need to pay money to a designer for a consultation. Moreover, you prevent yourself from spending hundreds of dollars per monthly payment as it is enough to pay once to get every room staged and the cost of the services is ten times cheaper than traditional staging.

Ability to DIY

There are several more ways to save on virtual staging though the final product does not guarantee the efficacy it could bring about if done by experts. Virtual staging requires quality photographs so you can avoid hiring a professional photographer and do these photos yourself. Of course, it is better to prepare for such process and at least read out how to make them look better. Another way to stage your property virtually without extra expenses is to use the DIY software. You may try to stage rooms yourself using the latest tools and apps as they are available on the Web, but, unfortunately, it will differ greatly from the work of professional stagers. Virtual staging companies employ creative 3D artists who not only add furniture pieces but create a real composition. As a result, you get a professionally designed interior that pleases your eye and the eyes of potential buyers.

3D tours offer more than just pleasant experience

Modern virtual staging services have also acquired some innovative features and there is nothing surprising today to organize the showing of property in the real estate agency office. It is another way to save money as you not only avoid spending money on transportation but also do not waste your valuable time on people who are only interested. This precious time can be spent on earning extra money, for example. Another great thing is the absence of necessity to spend money on keeping the property in constant order and excellent state. It can spend several months in the market and each time on showings it is necessary to bring it to a perfect state for the potential buyers.

At the same time, the potential buyers still have a chance to explore the property to the smallest details and do not need to visit it.

Buyers’ benefit from virtual staging

Buyers can also save money on buying property that is staged only virtually. It goes without saying that the cost of traditional staging is included in the total amount. As a result, people buy property with furniture that might not be appealing to them. It means that they pay for the things they would like to get rid of – is there any sense? Virtual staging does not make buyers feel frustrated as they pay for the property, not any other non-significant items attached to it.

Saving on architectural solutions

Virtual staging and modeling are also savvy for architectural firms. They lose a necessity to create their projects on paper as now it is possible to visualize everything using modern software. Their clients get more satisfaction too as all the projects are delivered in a 3D model so you can analyze them to the smallest details. In addition, it is more environmentally friendly and prevents agencies from storing piles of paper works. In addition, virtual staging guarantees fewer errors in design and accuracy in the models, so no extra expenses are required.

These are only several ways to take money-based advantage of virtual staging. In addition to the multiple benefits, it brings to real estate business virtual staging is a good way to save money or even earn them. However, it is important to remember that all these benefits can be achieved only due to the painstaking and professional work of stagers, so it is better to order qualified assistance and have your expectations met.

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