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Top 10 Home Staging Mistakes Made By Realtors

People have got a lot of things to worry about when they are planning to move. They have to think about transfering their kids to thier new school, look on this REAL RocknRoll Movers page to get a moving quote, put in an offer on their new home, and so much more. This is why they rely on the realtors to be perfect when it comes to selling their house but sometimes mistakes are made, the most common being during the staging process. Home staging has already become one of the most popular marketing tools. Realtors do not lose an opportunity to use home staging to present the potential of the home as it increases sales and attracts new clients. Naturally, only high-quality home staging can benefit real estate agents in their efforts to sell homes, so there is no right for mistakes.

Living room virtual staging by Spotless Agency

Unfortunately, the home staging pitfalls still take place and mainly these are rough mistakes of realtors. Lets see what the most common home staging mistakes are and how to avoid or correct them.

Living room (before)

Bedroom (before)

Living room (after)

Bedroom (after)

1. Absence of understanding what home staging can do:

Real estate agents might use home staging to hide or cover up any problems that a home has. It is obvious that the objective of home staging has nothing to do with putting a blind eye on the home drawbacks. The house will be sold successfully only if it was repaired and if the improvements take place.
That means that every house should be prepared for the arrival of the home stager as all the possible drawbacks will be visible on the photo.

2. Failing to inform buyers what is staging and what is left in the estate

Some people are not familiar with home staging and its possibilities to change the interior of the house significantly. They may fall in love with the professional work of designers and expect to see everything depicted on the picture or shown in a video in the purchased property. That is why real estate agents should always inform their clients about home staging to take place and focus on the list of things that remain in the house.

3. No management of both consultation and staging processes

Realtors must always share details with the stager for him to be aware of all peculiarities the home has. Discussing everything connected with staging as well as allowing a professional to present the home the way he sees it are advisable. You should trust but still control your stager.
It is obvious that staging requires time and not every expert is capable of meeting deadlines. That is why it is necessary to control the staging process as well as remind of it on a regular basis.

4. Trying to sell property without staging

It happens that some clients do not realize the benefits of staging and realtors even do not try to persuade them. The fact is thatempty real estate is being sold for 90% longer than staged one. The main mistake of the realtor is avoiding making efforts to prove staging efficacy. As a result, the property can sit on the market for months and there is a necessity to lower the price to interest the potential buyers.
Real estate agents should work with the sellers proving them the unsurpassed benefits of home staging: presenting home potential, getting more interest on the web and adding value to the property.

5. Use of low-quality photographs

Low-quality photos have always been considered a distracting factor as nobody likes to look through them, let alone use them for more serious solutions. Some people think that poorly-looking images have been added with the purpose to hide some drawbacks. But only think how awful home staging will look like if low-quality photos were used for its background. That is another mistake made by realtors.
Not every person realizes that only a high-quality image can catch the eye of the potential buyer as well as make him or her fall in love with this property. That means that photos used for home staging must be with high resolution and made with the help of professional devices like scanner or camera.

6. Quality neglectance in pursuit of time

Too quickly does not mean quality! Unfortunately, some realtors try to get a completed home staging process the next day after making photos. This race will hardly bring about desirable results. Premium staging services last for 2-3 weeks, so you should conduct thorough preparation and planning of your marketing strategy before you receive excellent staged photos. Saving on time and showcasing raw material can play a rough trick with you: presented by you property can lose the war due to a well-prepared advertising company of the competitor.

7. Making home staging services yourself

It is obvious that every person should deal with the thing he or she is the best in. Unless you are a professional designer knowledgeable in the professional software, your chances to create a decent product are very low.
The cost of home stager services is only a drop in the price of the property sold. That is why this responsible task should be entrusted to the expert. Even if it seems that you understand home staging services, dont be tempted with the opportunity to save some sum of money. Give this task to staging experts to receive a professional result.

8. Telling clients to avoid using staging services

Some realtors do not recommend using staging services being not fully aware of what it is and its benefits. Younger specialists sometimes tell their clients that the only thing they should do is to declutter. Unfortunately, it is a simple waste of money that will not bring about a desirable result.
If you hear that your agent that staging is an absolutely unnecessary thing, be sure to be misinformed. Modern buyers value quality over money. They would rather pay more for a home that reflects their personality than saving money on that. That is why a professional home presentation and marketing are of utmost importance. Remember that staging is a guarantee of more remarkable listings, higher sales rates and a bigger number of referrals.

9. Leaving furniture or showing photos of previous home owners

Opt for staging services only when the house or flat is completely empty. There should not be any remnants of the former owners. The rooms must have no furniture for them to be staged greatly. If you’re based in Australia and need help removing furniture from your home, get in toch with sydney storage company Holloway Storage.
An idea to show the furnished room on the previous owners on the photo is also bad. When a person sees those photos he percept that as an alien home and can not imagine how he will enter or own it. That is why both old furniture and photos have nothing common with marketing techniques and influence potential buyers negatively.

10. Taking every real estate personal or staging every room

Some realtors are not able to accept every new estate as work only. They treat it as their own property. That results in forcing home stagers to use realtors own representation of the home.
Another mistake made by realtors is staging every room. When people look for property they visualize only those rooms that will be theirs and most visited. That is why there is no sense in staging such rooms as guest ones or offices. They play a very important role in making the final choice so their staging can be omitted.

Bedroom (before)

Terrace (before)

Living room (before)

Bedroom (after)

Terrace (after)

Living room (after)


A job of a real estate agent implies a deep knowledge of marketing strategies. Only well-planned campaigns including home staging can help them sell estate profitably. Of course, a lack of experience, as well as narrow-mindedness, might result in rough mistakes made by realtors. We have gathered the most common of them in this article and hope that most of the realtors will avoid them to mark customer experience positive and increase sales. Hopefully, you will have no problems and your house will sell easily, allowing you to move to your home. If we were to give you one piece of advice when moving it would be to keep a list of emergency contacts such as locksmiths in your new local area., just in case. If you’re in the Perth area, take a look at locksmiths in applecross.

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