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Virtual Staging Before and After

Have you ever thought why virtual staging has gained an incredible popularity? The answer to this question is very simple: it changes the property look not just significantly, these are absolute changes. With staging services performed, you may never believe that one or another empty room could have ever looked like that. Of course, home staging has similar possibilities in transforming the property look, but the cost of both these services differs greatly. In addition, virtual staging offers flexibility on every stage of transformation and it does not require much effort and expenses. As a result, we get a perfect picture that is extremely close to reality, displays all the benefits of every home and helps people visualize the property look.

The procedure of virtual staging

Many people mix the terms of virtual staging procedure and placing the order. They believe that it is a time-consuming and painstaking process to make an order of staging the empty property virtually. Fortunately, you even do not need to arrive at the office for this process as it is enough to send a quality photo of the empty home and provide some examples of the style you wish to see to get a realistic staged image in some time.

At the same time, the staging process is not a one-minute activity. A qualified designer and architect has to complete a variety of stages to achieve a nice-looking and finished look. They are:

  1. Analyze the photo of the empty home to the smallest details.
  2. Make all the necessary measurements to fit the items perfectly.
  3. Look through the multiple examples of furniture, decor, and accessories to find the most suitable ones.
  4. Create several drafts to see what image is the most eye-catching and winning one.
  5. Complete the virtual staging process filling the interior with mood and unique atmosphere.

Consequently, a customer receives an absolutely different image that can be hardly compared with one submitted by him. It is a designer’s interior with multiple inspiring details and interesting unpredictable solutions. The room becomes lively and welcoming thanks to the professional activity of the designer.

Empty home always looks cold and unfriendly. Virtual staging is capable of making it warm, inviting and depersonalized at the same time. As a result, this property becomes incredibly attractive to the potential buyers preventing them from being distracted.

Changes that take place after VS

Manu customers do not realize what exactly can virtual staging do with photos. In fact, this powerful tool can be useful not only for empty property for sale but also for every homeowner who wishes to make changes in the interior. However, this method is more cost-efficient and versatile as you can make changes to the photos as many times as you wish and achieve perfection in the end. There are some of the challenges virtual staging experts can cope with:

  • Removal of the existing furniture and decor from the room If you doubt whether your room will look like better or worse without some furniture, you can remove it using VS services.
  • Changing the color and texture of finishes
    It is an expensive, exhausting and time-consuming process to repaint walls, change the texture, pattern or wallpapers if they had not met your expectations. Prefer a simpler and faster approach of changing a color of the walls through virtual staging services.
  • Adding or removal of windows, doors and other important floor parts
    Another huge challenge desired by many homeowners is changing the standard floor plan. Whether you wish to add extra walls, change the location of windows or doors, make them smaller or larger, change their form or make any other significant changes, it is advisable to perform these changes on paper first rather than regret that afterward.
  • Making pictures depersonalized
    One of the main things that revolt the potential property buyers is feeling that this home belongs to another person. This feeling appears when photos in the listings display many personal things like family photos, collections or old family furniture pieces. Virtual staging solutions can easily correct this mistake.
  • Replacing the existing furniture
    Many people doubt whether it is worth buying one or another expensive furniture piece as it may not contribute to the interior look. Virtual staging can help you to make this difficult choice.
  • Adding light or dimming the room
    Lighting is a very important characteristic of every room. Some people like more romantic atmosphere, the others prefer to live with curtains closed. To understand if chosen light sources will make you a good service order VS services.
  • Improving the existing interior
    When you feel that your current interior requires urgent changes but you are not confident which ones exactly, turn to the professional designers with excellent knowledge of VS solutions to get what you want.
  • Creating a unique contemporary interior design in accordance with the customer preferences
    Empty rooms have never been very attractive to the buyers as well as homeowners. Virtual staging made it possible to see how every one of these rooms will look like if a professional designer has a finger in the pie to it.

Virtual staging is not a new approach to making huge changes to photos, however, only recently it has been appreciated by many industries and taken into operation thanks to multiple benefits it offers. It is the only way to envision everything you could only imagine without spending much money as well as prevent yourself from making ‘expensive’ mistakes.

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