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Virtual staging helps to sell property stuck in the market

Real estate business attracts many people who want to earn much but not everyone realizes how tough it can be sometimes to work in this sphere. In addition to the necessity to show the property at late hours and routine work with papers, there is property in the listings that is impossible to sell no matter how hard you try. Usually, it is a vacant property that does not look suitable for a living because of its emptiness and the absence of a face. Such examples may get stuck among other examples for months, let alone years. Of course, it is always possible to decrease the price to make this home more appealing to buyers, but not every home seller will agree to do that. That is why it is necessary to look for another effective way how to sell a home, and in this case, modern technology may come in handy.

apartment before staging apartment after staging

One of the effective and cost-efficient ways to make a home more viewed in the listings is virtual staging. Unlike actual or real staging, it does not require much investment and can be completed in a couple of weeks.

Virtual staging is a process of adding furniture and decor to the photos of empty property to make them welcoming and attractive. You may wonder how this can help with selling? In fact, the first thing the biggest number of buyers pay attention to is photos and only then price. If the last one looks suitable for them, they look through the photos and only then start reading the characteristics of this property. It means that beautifully staged photos of the home may become a hook for a potential buyer.

Of course, it is obligatory to mention in the description that these are staged photos and in fact, the property is empty not to disappoint people on showing. However, many people react to this information positively as with an empty home for a reasonable price they get a free design project of a perfect home for living. Not everyone wishes to see objects that were already used and now they get an opportunity to implement a beautiful picture in reality without a necessity to hire a designer, pay money and wait for a result.

apartment before staging apartment after staging

The main benefit of virtual staging is the use of really existing furniture pieces for staging. It means that catalogs of models have been made on the basis of the really existing collections, so it will not be a problem to buy them. Consequently, a buyer has all the chances to implement this design in the new empty home.

It has always been a challenge for realtors to sell the property that stuck in the listings for the original price and not decrease it. That is why modern real estate agencies recommend sellers who plan to show photos of the empty property in the listings never do that. It is more reasonable to order virtual staging services before you add your property to the listings. The statistics mention that staged homes are sold by 40% faster than empty ones. As a result, you get more chances to sell the property for the price set and prevent yourself from wait in for months or even years.

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