Virtual Staging Software Review

3D Virtual Staging Software Review

Now there are very few real estate professionals who express any doubts about virtual staging effectiveness. Statistical data clearly demonstrates the growth of sales, turning 3D home staging into a must-have marketing tool. We present our top 5 list of programs used by professional 3D stagers.

1. ARCHLine XP Virtual Stager


It was developed specially for realtors. To create original buyer-friendly spaces, take the photo of a vacant room, import it to a folder to get your 3D virtual room. Before to place furniture and put some decor elements it is possible to remove some unwanted elements from walls, ceiling, and floor.

ARCHLine has a usable interface with the variety of options. This virtual property staging software will convert your room’s measurements to 3D ensuring quite realistic photos. Regulate the size and location of windows, change walls color, create an original design, add furniture that your clients will probably like, make a rendering image and share it with them.


ARCHLine XP home staging

  • ARCHLine XP Virtual Stager subscription license is paid on monthly basis and its price starts from $50;
  • New updates and patches are included in subscription;
  • 3 levels of video tutorials (Beginner, Familiar, Expert) are available;
  • CAD software in-person or live online workshops are powered to provide practical tips and advice in design;
  • 14-day money-back guarantee is featured;
  • This virtual real estate staging software comes with 1-year online tech support.
  • The most characteristic trait about ARCHLine XP we have picked up from CAD company`s Facebook reviews it that it is quite easy in use and even beginners can master it quickly.

2. Real Tour Vision Software

Real Tour Vision Software house

Real Tour Vision company gained the excellent reputation in virtual tour industry. Apart from virtual tour software this company has developed do-it-yourself virtual staging soft based on patented 3d rendering technology. Large sets of furniture and decor items allow to make empty spaces look greater, however, some experts say that it is difficult to achieve truly realistic results using only this software.

Real Tour Vision Software room

The presented software can be launched in Chrome and Safari browsers and is free from any regular fees. The users pay for staged photos with free credits bought for real money. In this way, 100 credits cost $100 while to get 1 photo staged it is necessary to pay for about 15 credits.

3. – Virtual Staging Software For Mac & PC

visual stager room

VisualStager is one of the most popular virtual furniture staging software programs. Unlike other programs, VisualStager is browser-based and can be operated from PC, Mac, iPad and other tablets without downloads.


The pattern is common: upload the photo, scale it, remove unwanted details if needed and think about your future design. This virtual staging software for real estate includes up to 2500 furniture and decoration items which are easily replaced with keyboard touchpad. The best thing about this soft is that it can be used from anywhere and at any time.


visual staging software

  • There is an opportunity to test virtual staging software free demo version using photos and furnishing samples provided by VisualStager;
  • The first payment is made when user wants to upload his own photos;
  • Pricing is based on prepaid credits system, so, you pay for credits and use them to stage every single photo;
  • Interactive staging tours are also accessible;
  • No monthly or annual payments are required;

Despite the fact that VisualStager is quite simple and useful tool, some virtual staging professionals find home pictures staged with its help not realistic enough.

4. 3D Max Rendering & Modelling Software

3D Max Rendering scene

This program considered to be a very powerful instrument in making 3D models, animations, and images. Unlike previous programs, using 3D Max requires much knowledge and skills that is why this tool is popular among professional designers and architectures and can never be regarded as do-it-yourself soft suitable for real estate agents.

3D Max Rendering visual

The cost of 1-year subscription reaches upon $1470 in 2017 that is rather expensive compared to software for virtual home staging mentioned above. However, free students version is available for those who want to master this program and it has the same features as commercial version but cannot be installed on the network.

5. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop design

Adobe Photoshop became probably the most well-known graphics editor in the world. In Spotless Agency it is used to polish the results of virtual staging. It is possible to change the levels of brightness, contrast and make color correction. Rich feature set helps to achieve stunningly realistic photos. Photoshop has a multitude of uses in this digital day and age, from letting you whiten teeth in photoshop to lightening up a room to make the colours stand out, so much can be achieved.

Photoshop kitchen

This program is available on both Windows and Mac OS. On Adobe Photoshop official website one can pay for several types of creative clouds which include a different set of programs. The complete package that includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and others cost $49.99 per month.

Brief Summary From Spotless Agency CEO

All the programs have given a good account of themselves on virtual staging market, but each of them has certain limitations. Some programs have the strictly limited base of 3D models and the final results do not look realistic enough.

In Spotless Agency we use only 3ds Max, Corona Renderer and Adobe Photoshop. We consider these programs to be among the best ones to create a realistic photograph. Also, we are not limited in selecting the models of furniture and accessories, because it is possible to buy or make in 3D program any model you need.


What we achieve by using these tools

virtual staging before


virtual staging after


Such an approach requires wide knowledge in the sphere of 3D graphics, architecture, interior design, composition etc.

If you are a newbie trying to do virtual staging by yourself, we recommend you to select Virtual Stager program. But if you want to get a highly professional result, please try the virtual staging service, we proudly offer in Spotless Agency.

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Andrew Zlobin
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