12 ideas on how to promote real estate business 2021

promote real estate business

Do you run a real estate agency but want to increase your clientele? It is time to understand which marketing approaches haven’t been used yet and these 12 ideas of promotion are here to help you.


12 unique ideas for real estate marketing

It is not a secret that competition is tough in the real estate industry but you should always grow your number of potential clients to make your business develop. The NAR has conducted a study according to which it was confirmed that 87% of people use realtor services when they face real estate deals, so it means that this profession is really important and people will continue hiring agents to buy, sell, or rent property. Naturally, reaching prospects is an important task for every business, but how to be more efficient in that? These 12 ideas can help both experienced realtors and novice agents to promote their business. Check all of them not to miss anything important!

Get a website

get a web site

It goes without saying that online presence plays an important role for every business, but social media pages are not enough if you want to develop. Many people do not hurry to order company services until they make research of it. The easiest way to learn more about the agency is to visit the official website where users can find the About section, testimonials, and contact information. Moreover, you can add your listings to this website and it will boost your traffic significantly. Don’t forget to make your website special and add value by using some great APIs meant for real estate.

Start a blog

start a blog

Buying or selling property is connected with high amounts of money, completing multiple steps, and many other challenges ordinary people can’t be aware of. Why not share your professional knowledge provided in a simple and clear manner with your potential clients in a blog? You can not only attract more people by making your articles SEO optimized but also get their trust. If you think that this is a challenging task that is impossible to complete without professional help, you are mistaken. You can find keywords using Google Analytics and new topics can be searched for on popular real estate websites. Remember that your blog articles should have links to your basic website, statistical data supported with links to the sources, infographics, and appealing images.

Benefit from email marketing

email marketing

Benefit from email marketing There are a lot of modern tools that help to send scheduled messages in bulk, so choose the one that meets your expectations and send newsletters to your clients containing information about your blog articles and new listings. Attract viewers with interesting solutions like a walkthrough, video or virtual tour around the property, or virtually staged photos of empty homes.

Take advantage of virtual staging solutions

virtual staging

Take advantage of virtual staging solutions Would you like to inspire your buyers? Virtual staging can help cope with this and many other tasks. It is a perfect solution not only to declutter and depersonalize listings but also to make vacant properties more appealing and viewed. According to the statistics, digitally staged homes are sold 42% faster than ones with traditional photos.

Think of an experiential marketing approach

Interaction with clients is an important thing when it comes to running a business, but you should engage them in real-life situations as well. Experiential marketing allows communicating with people in a non-official atmosphere. You can organize and invite them to tour your area, visit events or lectures on how to purchase property, have a look at an open house and share what to pay attention to, etc. It will increase your brand awareness and make your level of trust grow too.

Set up a partnership with other businesses


It is clear that people interested in interior design, decor, cars can once need real estate services too, so you can hook them if you promote listings at the events organized by other businesses. You can attract other companies to any open house event too and offer your guests to visit every room since they will be treated differently in each of them. It is a great potential for people to explore space more attentively and thoroughly.

Use social media as a powerful marketing tool

social media tools

It is clear that regular Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts will attract the attention of both clients and subscribers, but you should encourage them to share your posts too. The best ways to do that is to make them unique, spectacular, and useful as well as run giveaways. You can also order paid ads, develop your unique hashtag, and get a business profile on Instagram, for example, to be able to communicate with your audience using personal messages.

Provide photos made by drones


Not only interior and exterior matter when people look for a home. They want to be satisfied with the neighborhood and surrounding too, so photos made by drones can be a great add-on to your listings. You can buy your own drone and use it each time you get a new object or turn to professionals for help. These videos and shots can be included into video tours and walkthroughs too.

Set up a profile on Zillow

It is a must-have destination for people working in real estate since this platform has over 188 million viewers a month and can attract much bigger attention to your listings than any other marketing approaches. You should set up a profile following the steps offered by the platform and then you will be able to share the listings on social media and communicate with potential clients directly on the platform.

Don’t lose a chance to get a referral

It goes without saying that people are more likely to trust their relatives and friends than Internet reviews, so over 35% of realtors are hired by referrals. You may feel uncomfortable at the beginning of your career to ask for a referral, but it should become your habit. Never neglect follow-up emails sent a month or year after closing the deal and include a request to recommend your services to others if these people have been satisfied with your services.

Shoot a video

Video tours included into the listings make them more viewed than ones with photos only. However, it is not the only way you can use videos in your job. It is possible to send them to people interested in a certain kind of property prior to showing it as well as get a video with testimonials from your clients to look outstanding among others.

It is also a cost-effective solution since you can shoot videos yourself or make video presentations using photographs and simple tools.

Schedule webinars

Not all people are ready to leave their comfort zone and attend open houses and other events, but they can easily join your online lecture thanks to modern technology. Let your potential clients learn real estate peculiarities and understand the market better hosting such webinars and advertising them on social media. You can attract not only buyers but also sellers offering them ideas and simple improvements on how to increase their home for sale value.

Steps to your efficient marketing plan

- Now when you know what ways can help grow your real estate business and get it into the masses, it is time to make your own marketing plan including the following steps:

- Consider your marketing goals.

- Think about who your target audience is and how to access them.

- Develop your selling propositions.

- Decide on either strategies or tools that will help you achieve your goals.

- Make up your budget.

- Measure analytics and performance.

- These simple tips and ideas are great for making your real estate agency develop, so use them to your benefit and celebrate your new achievements.


Written by
Andrew Zlobin
CEO/Founder of spotlessagency.com

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