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25 Shocking facts every real estate agent should know

25 Facts of shocking real estate statistics

Statistics is a science which plays a very significant role in many industries and real estate business in particular. Realtors should always keep up with the trends and stay up to date to confirm their professionalism and awareness of the industry in the eyes of clients. Real estate business is highly competitive so it is very important to be informed about the latest statistics and use this information working with clients and getting more leads. We have prepared real estate agents 25 examples of overwhelming statistics connected with real estate business.

Statistics about real estate agents

  • Only 37% of realtors are men, the rest are women.
  • 43% of realtors are educated people possessing a Bachelor degree and higher.
  • The US most populated by realtors state is California: every fifth real estate agent lives there.
  • A new millennium has brought a significant increase in the number of real estate agents – their number has doubled or even tripled in some areas.
  • US real estate agents have enough experience since their median age is about 54 years.
  • Only 30% of earnings are received from repeat customers or referrals.
  • Every fifth real estate agent possesses a license less than for one year.
  • Only 21% of realtors deal with commercial real estate.
  • The most difficult thing for 48% of realtors is following changes in technology.
  • Realtors with high commissions use advanced technology tools two times more often than others.

Marketing statistics

  • By the end of 2019, every fifth photo made by drone is used in real estate business.
  • Over 73% of sellers would hire a realtor who makes video tours around their homes for sale.
  • Every resident of the US spends about an hour on FB every day and clicks 9 ads every month.
  • 69% of real estate agents’ clients agree to write a review for their realtor.
  • Photos made by drone are sold much faster – by 68%.
  • The most significant characteristic of a realtor for clients is a professional reputation.
  • FB users began to watch Facebook Live 4 times more often within a year.

Market statistics

  • The hottest real estate market is in Boston where prices have risen by 7% for a year.
  • The fastest sales of home in the US takes place in June.
  • There has been a rise in the number of homeowners for the previous 3 years – by 68%.
  • The sale of new homes is growing – by 6% in comparison with the previous year.
  • The total number of homes which are sold in the US keeps increasing by 135,000 per 4 months.
  • The number of relatively cheap homes under $200,000 is falling down with every new year.
  • There was a decrease in the mortgage rates by 10% in 2019, so 8% more people will apply for a mortgage.
  • Last year, 35% of residential property has been sold for the maximum price or a discount not more than 5%.

Looking at the statistics, it is possible to predict that real estate business is developing very quickly since the number of real estate agents keeps growing. To be successful in the career, realtors should leave a good impression to get positive reviews and referrals as well as make a powerful marketing campaign using Facebook in particular. Moreover, realtors should not neglect innovative approaches and provide not only customary photos in the listings. It is worth remembering that modern people buy new homes actively and the number of those who can afford to purchase property has increased too, thanks to lower mortgage rates in particular. These are only some of the conclusions to be made on the basis of the real estate statistics, so read carefully on a regular basis if you are a real estate agent.

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