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5 tips on how to create an office atmosphere at home

Many people enjoy working from the comfort of their homes, especially if they used to change an office for it. It is possible to forget about a commute, early wake-ups, hunger, smart clothes and make the working process relaxing and comfortable. However, you will spot that working from your bed or armchair does not bring about those great results like a strict office atmosphere. In some time, almost every office employee comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to create an office design at home not to compensate on work efficiency.

This solution has especially become incredibly popular with people recently when millions of people had to ‘stay home’ because of the pandemic but still have to complete the same amount of work. It goes without saying that a dining table or a bar top can serve as surfaces for a computer and papers, but they can’t replace a comfortable office place fully. Therefore, it is very important to find space for your home office and put effort to create a comfortable working place following these design tips.



  Consider feng shui studies

The Chinese philosophy is very popular in today’s modern world of technology, so many people decide to prevent headaches and improve productivity following feng shui design studies. They advise standing a desk in the position that is called ‘command’. It fills people with the power to rule their own life and energy. For this purpose, it is necessary to find a place for a desk that:

  • Is far away from doors and not in the direct line to it;
  • Would face the door rather than let you turn with your back to it;
  • Does not face the wall or there is a wall directly behind your back. 

You may remember the cabinets of famous people where large tables take a central position in the room and an armchair faces the door.

Other important aspects of feng shui are color palette and decor. The study mentions that green and white are perfect colors for harmonious working since the first one is a representation of growth and new beginnings and the second one - of clarity and creativity. When it comes to decor, these should be items that inspire and motivate a person as well as bring about success and prosperity.


  Add plants to a smart look

Direct lines and standard office colors such as white, gray, black and their shades do not contribute to a good working atmosphere. However, the incorporation of bright green spots that also contribute to air quality is a great solution. Indoor plants make people more to use and improve their productivity as well as calm down when you get nervous. 

  Pay attention to light

It is clear that a good office is a light space and it is preferable to have natural light in the room you work in. A well-lit working area contributes to the reduction of eye strain and minimizes the frequency of headaches. It is important to locate a desk in front of your window or get a source of light from the side. If you do not have such an opportunity, use other sources of light. You can use a table lamp or incorporate additional light fixtures to the room design. Moreover, experts advise people who work from home to prefer warm light instead of a cool one.

  Order furniture pieces that are ergonomic and functional

One of the most important things in the home office design is the choice of furniture. It is not enough to buy a nice table but it should have drawers or shelves for keeping things while a chair should fit the table by height. Otherwise, it may cause different health issues. 

It is important to choose a chair with a seat covered with memory foam and supporting your back. Moreover, check if it is adjustable to be able to change the height if needed.


  Keep your working space decluttered and clean

It is natural that you feel more relaxed if you are working at home but it is not a reason to create a mess on the table and in the whole room. It is important to understand this too frivolous behavior will result in spots on documents, losses and decreased productivity. Therefore, it is necessary to keep order in the new office too.


It is not that easy to create a comfortable working space at home but every person can transform an ordinary room into a comfortable and light office - it is enough to consider the following tips!

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