Top Apps For Everyone Interested In Real Estate

Do you buy, sell, or plan to invest in property? Prepare for this task with a list of the real estate apps that may come in handy for everyone.

 Top real estate apps to be useful for everyone

There are lots of people who deal with real estate on a daily basis. However, the number of individuals that may need to buy or sell properties is much bigger. All of these people need reliable assistants and modern real estate apps may perform this function. Technology has changed much and all the activities connected with real estate in particular. Everyone including homebuyers, brokers, real estate agents, investors, and many others benefit from it, so it is important to understand what they can rely on in the market.

In fact, you can find an app to cope almost with any challenge in the real estate business. They offer to find a property according to certain criteria, calculate a mortgage payment amount, estimate flipping costs, e-sign some documents, etc. All these and many other tasks can be solved faster and with a minimum of effort. 

Let’s look closer at the most popular real estate apps used nowadays and what functionality they offer to users.


Applications for home purchases

Application for sale real estate

If you plan to buy a home or look for a good neighborhood, there are several apps to help you.



Zillow: this app is a leading real estate marketplace that allows browsing homes, finding sweet spots, making shopping betters, buying and selling homes, renting estate, etc. There are millions of listings to look for the best home online.


Redfin: developed by a popular brokerage company this app offers users to find and sell homes as well as see their estimates. It allows searching homes by city and saving on listing fees.


Homesnap: this is a popular home search portal that gives users the same real-estate MSL information as agents do. It offers realtors to centralize their digital communication with clients, while users can get lots of the details about a home for sale by making its photo only.


AroundMe: this app can be useful for learning new neighborhoods better. It identifies user position and shows all the facilities within the indicated distance, so browsing new areas is easier and faster with this app.

Apps to find rentals

The majority of real estate marketplaces offer not only homes for sale but also rental properties. You can start the search for them on Zillow,, Trulia, and HotPads. However, there are applications that give potential tenants and realtors more flexibility, so learn more about them too.

Zumper: this startup has been created to connect brokers and property managers. Users can fill out their rental applications including financial details and set up alerts, send messages, save favorites, make instant applications for apartments, etc.

ABODO: it is another tool that offers a more convenient connection for property managers and renters. The app hosts the largest, most accurate, and up-to-date inventory of local apartments, so it allows finding tenants in a matter of minutes.

Apps for managing a real estate business

There are lots of apps that can be used by people employed in real estate. The most popular of them look as follows.


Guesty: This property management platform makes running investment and other types of property easy. It is used to manage short-term and vacation rentals, send messages to guests, follow checkouts and cleanings, etc.


LoopNet: this tool helps tenants and investors find the most suitable property. Users can get an in-depth look at the variety of properties offered, use advanced search filters, receive instant listings alerts, and request additional information or a tour through the app.


Ten-X: this is an end-to-end transaction platform that is also the world’s largest online commercial real estate exchange. It supports asset onboarding, evaluation of the complimentary marketing campaigns and following up leads.


Xome: the app of this kind offers to purchase properties on auctions which is a more transparent experience. There are over 100 million properties that can be viewed, shared, and saved. Users can also receive alerts and schedule showings if they wish. this great app allows using such powerful features as searching, bidding, and winning properties on-the-go. There are filters to look for homes faster and easier and possibilities to participate in auctions in real time.

property fixer

Property fixer: this is an ultimate tool for real estate investors who flip properties. Users can check a flip analysis on profit and return to understand if this property is worth money. Its main benefit is the opportunity to get this analysis on site without delays.


Thumbtack: people looking for professionals to renovate a home or improve its landscape should prefer this app. This resource allows chatting with different specialists and coordinating their actions.


Homestyler: development of the online home design is possible within this app. There are 3D tools that allow changing the style of every room and adding new details to them.


Apps for many other real estate details

There are applications that can contribute to traditional activities performed by real estate agents and brokers. Some of them can cope with quite routine tasks, so consider what else you can achieve with the help of the apps.

  • Determine mortgage budget: e.g. Zillow Mortgage, the Mortgage Calculator.
  • Sign papers: e.g. DocuSign, Hello Sign, SignEasy.
  • Scan documents: e.g. Scanbot, ScannerPro.
  • Keeping track of finances: e.g. the LendingTree, Credit Karma.
  • Enhancing marketing: e.g. Post Planner, Loomly, Sendible.
  • Create interactive floor plans: e.g. Magic Plan, Floor Plan.
  • Virtual staging of the property: e.g. BoxBrownie, VHT, VisualStager.
  • Communicating and interacting with leads: e.g. Freshchat, Contactually, Telegram, Zoom, Skype.
  • Navigation: e.g. Waze, NavigatorCRE.


No matter in what way you are going to deal with real estate but you will definitely find an app that may be useful for you. They are so versatile and purposeful that every person will make the world of real estate easier and more approachable with their help.

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